I'm David Loughry, the creative in zonk creative. I bring a background in design, marketing, business, fine art, creativity and innovation to your projects. Here's more about me, my services, and how I work with clients.

Services Offered
Freelancing since 1998, I've handled graphic and web design (logos, brochures, ads, maps and posters, as well as web graphics and website design), scanning, photo retouching, color correction, and management of printing, as well as copywriting, concepting, marketing consultation and public relations. My clients have included businesses, publishers, individuals, a local government and non-profits.

Business and Marketing
I have an MBA with a double emphasis in marketing and finance, a BA in mathematics, and I also studied design and the visual arts. My work experience includes marketing, finance, sales, creativity facilitation, public interest canvassing and graphic design. I’ve been an entrepreneur in art, graphic design, fashion and innovation. I’ve worked in small businesses, medium-sized companies, large corporations, a cooperative and non-profits. Chances are, I can relate to you and your business or organization, and help you present and market it more effectively.

Fine Art
I'm a fine artist. You can see my painting and drawing at loughry.com. Art experiences enhance my approach to all things visual, and that means your design and marketing projects.

Creativity and Innovation
Diverse business and life experiences help me productively and creatively relate to projects, ideas and people. In addition to the above, I’ve had significant experiences in music, inventing and philosophy, and I follow culture and global trends. I’ve also traveled in the U.S., Canada and Europe, and lived in a western state capital, two college towns, a mountain resort and three major American cities. Integrating my diverse experiences, I created ProxThink, a framework for the proximity of situations, offering individuals and groups new ways to think, relate, create, innovate, and sustainably grow, via a thinking structure, creativity and innovation patterns, models and online tools. Of course, you can use ProxThink too. But I use ProxThink to relate better to you and your situation, and to make your projects more engaging and effective.

How I Work with Clients
I take a collaborative approach. I get to know your project and your business. I stay flexible, especally in the early stages. Better ideas and results then surface.

Explore Our Possibilities
Contact me today to explore how we might work together.


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